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Amazon Tells Workers to Return to Office Starting in May

Employees will be required to come into the office three days a week.

Amazon now seems to have it figured out after declaring in September of last year that it has no plan to have employees return to the office.

According to a release emailed to staff and published on Friday, Amazon CEO Andy Jessy says workers would be obliged to return to Amazon offices three days a week as of May 1. He listed a number of benefits of working face-to-face, such as improved team communication, stronger business culture, and more effective collaboration.

In the announcement, Jessy noted, “I recognize that for some staff, transitioning again to a new way of working will take some time. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for the beneficial effects this will have on our ability to serve and innovate on behalf of consumers, as well as on the development and success of our staff.

Notwithstanding the fact that the rule will take effect on May 1st, Jessy stated that teams will prepare their return to work. In the upcoming weeks, he promised, employees would be given more information about the strategy for getting back to work.