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Best Air Pods Pro Accessories for 2023

There are plenty of accessories for Apple’s popular true wireless earbuds. Take a look at some of the best Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2 cases and more.

Both the new Air Pods Pro 2 and the original Apple Air Pods Pro are among the most well-liked earphones on the market and have won CNET Editors’ Choice Awards. If you are here, it is likely that you already own an Air Pods Pro or Air Pods Pro 2nd Generation and are searching for a case to safeguard your purchase or possibly another accessory, of which there are many. While it’s true that the Air Pods Pro are accessories, just like other well-known Apple products, they’ve sparked a cottage industry of companion accessories. These include add-ons that let you customize your Air Pods Pro earbuds for activities like travelling by plane, going on adventures, and working out.

The size of the Air Pods Pro 2 is the same as the Air Pods Pro. The microphone placement on the buds and a built-in speaker in the Air Pods Pro 2 charging case, which produces a sonar-like sound when the buds are being tracked in the Find My app, are the two most noticeable minor variations. Additionally, the Air Pods Pro 2 case now has a location where a lanyard may be attached.

A case made particularly for the Air Pods Pro 2 will include cutouts for the speaker port and lanyard loop, while cases made for the original Air Pods Pro case will fit the Air Pods Pro 2 just well. These typically cover all the ports if you want a waterproof case for your Air Pods 2 (or Air Pods Pro). You can get a straightforward, inexpensive silicone rubber case that offers respectable protection in case your case is dropped. Or you may spend more money on nicer cases, some of which are even made of leather, which will protect your Air Pods case while also giving it a more upscale appearance.

Based on my personal use of the Air Pods Pro and Pro 2, these are CNET’s current top selections for accessories. As I test more of the top Air Pods Pro cases and accessories, I’ll update this.

Catalyst case

Although the Catalyst Air Pods Pro case ($30) is available in cheaper copycat varieties, it is a superior Apple Air Pod case and one of the best Air Pods case solutions you can buy. This Air Pods case cover waterproofs and protects the case that comes with your Air Pods. Another crucial feature: To prevent your wireless earphones from becoming misplaced, you can attach the Air Pods case’s detachable carabiner to a belt loop, backpack, or keychain. The Catalyst waterproof case comes in a variety of colors.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2 (but covers speaker port and lanyard loop).

Comply Foam Ear tips

You can now acquire Comply tips for your Air Pods Pro, which have been the industry standard for memory foam ear tips for a number of years. They function quite well, and even the huge tips fit perfectly in the Air Pods Pro charging case, which I have used. When I ran with the Air Pod Pros, I discovered that they become a touch floppy when using the Apple-supplied tips. It fit tightly and didn’t become sloppy with the Comply tip. Because you have an even tighter seal, they also seem to aid a little with noise-canceling.

Comply tips cost $25, which is a reasonable amount. You can buy foam tips for less money (more like $12 to $15), but Comply is the industry standard, so it would be worthwhile to spend a little extra money on them. You do receive three sets of tips in a pack (of the same size) if you are aware of your precise size. Although it is presently only available on the Comply website and not Amazon, Comply also offers a pack with small, medium, and large tips. If you have a few family members who own the Air Pods Pro and have ears of various sizes, that might be a nice alternative for your new Air Pods Pro ear tips.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Case ology Nano Pop case for Air Pods Pro 2

One of the first cases made particularly for the Air Pods Pro 2 is the Case ology Nano Pop case, which is available in a few different colors. It features a cutout for the charging LED, a dimple above the connection button, and a carabiner, however it doesn’t come with a lanyard.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro 2 only.

Oulu qi case

This cheap Air Pods Pro 2 case—which is made by a business whose name I have no idea how to pronounce—costs around $6 in some colors (it comes in a variety of color options, some of which cost around $10) and does the job. There are numerous inexpensive cases with a similar design that are made particularly for the Air Pods Pro 2 and are all available on Amazon. They are all simple, slender silicone rubber cases. The Lightning port is covered by a gasket, and it includes a lanyard.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro 2 only.

Spiga Rugged Armor

For the Air Pods Pro 2, Spiga is bringing back the Rugged Armor case. Although it doesn’t have a lanyard and only comes in one color at launch, it is protective and comes with a carabiner.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro 2 only.

Charge Pro Air Foams Pro Active

Early in 2020, the husband-and-wife Charge Pro duo launched a successful Kickstarter for Air Pods foam earphones and produced a line of Air Pods Pro foam ear tips. The Air Foams Pro Active 2,0 ($26), their top model, has a silicone covering over the foam that is intended to shield the tips from sweat and earwax and lengthen their lifespan (the company claims five times longer).

It’s also definitely worth noting that if you generally use a medium tip for your Air Pods Pro, you may want to go with a big foam tip here. I did note that the large Comply tip is somewhat larger than the large Charge Pro Air Foams Pro Form Fit tip.

Three various tip sizes (small, medium, and large) are included with the Air Foams Pro Active, allowing you to select the tip size that fits you the best and maybe share the other tips with friends. I would prefer it if there was an option that includes a few sets of large tips instead, since that would be a better value as I am aware that I need a large tip, but Charge Pro doesn’t provide that choice.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2

Nomad Modern Leather case

For the iPhone and other Apple products, such as the Air Pods, Air Pods Pro, and Air Pods Pro 2, Nomad offers stylish leather cases. One of the top Air Pods Pro cases I’ve ever used is from this company, and the Air Pods Pro 2 version is now available (it remains available for the original Air Pods Pro as well).

This Air Pods Pro case fits like a glove, looks great over time, and patinas beautifully. It comes in four colors and for $10 more you can get a version with Hordein leather (the Hordein version is only available in black and rustic brown).

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro or Air Pods Pro 2 are available (Nomad sells separate versions, so make sure you get the right one for 1st- or 2nd-Gen Air Pods Pro).

Anker Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station 335

The Anker Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station 335 is about as good of a deal as you can find on a wireless charging station if you need one for a few of your Apple devices. This is a good, small dock that can also charge your Air Pods and Apple Watch, but it isn’t Mag Safe-enabled and can only charge your iPhone at 7.5W. (however, you have to supply the wireless charging puck for the Apple Watch).

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2

Spiga Mag Armor

The Air Pods Pro 2 are Mag Safe enabled, but the case loses its magnetic properties once a case is placed on it. Because it restores Mag Safe compatibility, a magnetic case like the Spiga Mag Armor allows your case to adhere to a Mag Safe wireless charger (or any magnetic wireless charger). There is no lanyard included, only a carabiner

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro 2 only.

Pop Sockets Pop Grip Air Pods Pro Holder + Pop Chain 2

For $16 on Amazon, the Pop Sockets Pop Grip Air Pods Pro Holder + Pop Chain 2 is an unexpectedly decent price if you’re a fan of the brand. You can clip the case (and the Air Pods Pro) to your phone using a stick-on attachment for the back of your phone, and then use the Air Pods Pro case as a kickstand for watching videos. Alternatively, you may connect the supplied Pop Chain 2 to your belt loop or the loop on your backpack to secure your Air Pods Pro to it. The case itself looks to provide good protection and fits like a glove.

Keep in mind that the version I received incorporated Pop Chain Premium. The Pop Chain 2, which has a carabiner clip in place of a keychain, is one of the models listed below. You can use the case with another Pop Grip if you already possess one because it is compatible with Pop Sockets’ Pop Grip base.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2 (but covers speaker port and lanyard loop).

Charge Pro Air Foams Pro Ear Hooks

If you want to give the Air Pods Pro more grip so they will remain in your ears more firmly, you have a few options. The Air Pods Pro’s bud portion can be covered with very thin silicone skins, or you can get a set of wings like these that not only cover the bud but also add a sport fin (they do help lock the Air Pods Pro in your ears). The Air Pods Pro won’t fit in their case with an appendage on them, so you have to remove them if you want to charge the Air Pods. This is the single drawback to the fin approach.

You only have to be careful not to lose them because they are actually rather simple to put on and take off. There are two sets of ear hooks included, one of which is white and the other of which is translucent (seen below).

If you choose silicone skins (without a fin), you shouldn’t have to remove the skins in order to put your Air Pods in the case. Some users do, however, claim that the rubber tends to stretch quickly due to its thinness and ends up not fitting as well as it should. Because the rubber on Charge Pro Air Foams Pro Ear Hooks (and other ear-hook accessories) is stronger and more robust, this is not an issue.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Twelve South Air Fly Pro

What should you do if you wish to use your Air Pods with a wired device, such as an in-flight entertainment system or a TV embedded into a gym machine? Purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter that you can plug into any 3.5mm audio socket is one solution, though. Tao Tonics and other lesser-known brands offer a number of transmitters.

You must first place your Air Pods in their case, disable Bluetooth on your phone (or just put it in aero plane mode), hold down the Bluetooth button on the transmitter until pairing mode appears, and then press the pairing button on your Air Pods case. (How to pair your Air Pods are covered in this video.) The Air Fly Pro has a 16-hour battery life rating and Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Bluebonnet Air Pods Pro 2 case

Based in Austin, Texas, Bluebonnet creates leather-coated accessories for a variety of Apple devices, such as iPhones, Mac Books, Watches, and Air Pods. Bluebonnet is named after the state flower of Texas. Although slightly slimmer than Nomad’s leather cases, its Air Pods Pro and new Air Pods Pro 2 cases are just as protective and have a unique design with turquoise trim lines. The bottom piece of your Air Pods charging case does not fit as securely as some Air Pods Pro cases since it is designed to slip up a little as you open the Bluebonnet case. Nevertheless, I thought it was effective.

Saatchi Wireless Charging Dock

This Saatchi accessory is a great option if you’re looking for a tiny USB-C wireless charging dock for your Air Pods Pro (or regular Air Pods). It is incredibly small and easily fits in a pocket. In fact, it is just marginally larger than the case for the Air Pods Pro. Any USB-C port that can output electricity will work with it. The only difficulty is that if your computer has a case on it, you might have trouble connecting it in (it has to plug all the way into the port to work).

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Anker Wireless Charging Pad 315

You’ll need a wireless charging station to make use of the Air Pods Pro’s wireless charging capability. The Anker Wireless Charging Pad 315 is an excellent low-cost solution charging both your Air Pods Pro and your phone. It provides 7.5 watts of charging power for your iPhone and 10 watts of power for compatible Android devices. It usually $15, but occasionally it’s on sale for just $10. A cable is included, but no power adaptor.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Yinka Ear Hooks

These clear-colored ear hooks are presently available for $6 if you’re searching for a more cost-effective approach to prevent your Air Pods from falling out of your ears. However, if you’re a cyclist who worries about losing a bud, this is undoubtedly an inexpensive solution to explore. Of course, you do need to take them off to charge your Air Pods Pro.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Cob cobb Anti-Lost Cord Sports Lanyard

Although I personally dislike the idea of attaching a cable to truly wireless earphones, many people have questioned me over the years regarding “anti-lost” cords for Air Pods. Although there are a few inexpensive alternatives on Amazon, the Cob cobb is one of the best options even if it costs a little bit more—just over $10. Several competing variants are offered in packs with numerous cords in various colors. But unlike the Beats Flex earbuds, this one chord has built-in magnets that let you fasten your Air Pods Pro together around your neck while not in use.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2.

Catalyst Total Protection Case

Although I like Catalyst’s original Waterproof Case (see above; $30), its more recent Total Protection case more than lives up to its name if you’re looking for utmost protection. The case is classified as waterproof down to 330 feet in case you accidentally drop your Air Pods in the water of an ocean or a deep lake (100 meters). Also, it is shock-proof.

This case features a hard plastic finish rather than the rubberized surface of the original Waterproof Catalyst case. Both come with a carabiner, and this particular design really clamps shut. You can still instantly get to your Air Pods. Army green or black are the two possible casing colors.

Compatible with: Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Pro 2 (but covers speaker port and lanyard loop).