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Best Home Theater Systems of 2023

Complete your home theater with the top sound systems.

Without a good sound system, your home theatre isn’t complete. The sound quality is what completes the TV, even though the TV screen could be the first thing people notice. When it comes to purchasing a home theatre sound system, there are many alternatives available, ranging from AV receivers and multi-speaker systems to more affordable but nonetheless potent sound bars.

Sound bars are far more affordable to set up and operate than speaker systems and provide a lot of performance in a small package. You may even pick one with cutting-edge technologies like Wi-Fi streaming and Dolby Atmos. Although some sound bars offer an upgrade route with optional rear speakers and subwoofers, an AV receiver is best if you want to fully mix and match speakers.

Receivers come with a lot of features out of the box, and unlike sound bars, they include a lot of HDMI ports to support a variety of sources. You can start with just a few stereo speakers; up until recently, I had gone around five years without using surround-sound speakers and didn’t feel like I was losing out.

Whatever path you take, whether it be sound bars or AV systems, there ought to be something to enhance your home entertainment. These are currently the top home entertainment systems on the market. As we evaluate new items, we’ll periodically update this list.

Roku Stream bar

The Roku Stream bar home cinema system is the best value for your money by far. This speaker combines a sound bar that improves conversation with a built-in 4K streamer. The system can be upgraded if you’d want surround speakers or extra bass. Read the review of the Roku Stream bar.

Klipsch Reference Theater Pack

The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack is currently discounted from its original retail price of $1,200 to just $250. This set is an excellent choice for home theatre in small spaces like apartments or gaming rooms since it has powerful sound from a portable 5.1-channel surround-sound system. This speaker system is not only good for movies, but also for music. Add a receiver only. Read our evaluation of the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack.

Elec Debut 2.0 B6.2

Affordable stereo speakers are one area where we have a lot of options, and at $306, the Elec Debut 2.0 B6.2s provide superb playback of both music and movies. They provide a level of openness unmatched by anything else offered for the price. The Q Acoustic 3030is are more balanced and respond to bass better, but they also cost $550.

Visio M512a

Even if the Visio Elevates rotating speakers are interesting, that system doesn’t provide the finest value for your money among those offered by the company. The Visio M512a is a Dolby Atoms sound bar that combines a receiver-based system with a sound bar by adding 4K Dolby Vision, a subwoofer, and rear-channel speakers. Additionally, it offers fantastic audio quality for both music and movies.

Noko TX-NR6100

Even though there isn’t much 8K content accessible right now, you may still get an 8K-compatible receiver. The best of the bunch, the Yamaha RX-V6a, has stunning appearance and rock-solid performance, but it’s also typically back ordered. The TX-NR6100 is a respectable replacement if you urgently require an 8K receiver. It has enhanced usability and a superior streaming suite with built-in Chromecast.

Sennheiser Ambo

Nothing beats the Sennheiser Ambo audio system if you seek the highest Dolby Atoms performance from a single sound bar. If you want the best sound, this is it, despite the fact that it is neither cheap nor compact. Read our evaluation of the Sennheiser Ambo Sound bar.