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Best ways to stay current on weather conditions

Best ways to stay current on weather conditions

Unfavorable weather conditions may result in power outages or broadcast disruptions, preventing people in need of information from receiving it. When severe storms occur, this may put millions of people at danger.

You must thus be ready for everything. Continue reading to learn easy methods to stay informed even if there is a power outage.

Staying ahead of the weather

No matter where you are, it is always a good idea to keep up with the most recent weather alerts and advisories. Fortunately, a few reliable sites will keep you up to date on national news.

Apple’s built-in weather app

OS users get a useful weather app pre-installed on their gadgets. Open the Apple App Store and type in “weather”conditions to locate it if you don’t know where to look for it on your iPhone. The results will include the Weather app. Click Open to enter.

The software has a few clever gimmicks but offers all the information you want for a particular city. For instance, a temperature map showing your location and the immediate region appears below the 10-day forecast and the air quality. The interactive map opens when you tap on it.



Winter storm app for Apple


To see more of your state, you may roam around. Tap and hold the map until the info bubble appears to view the current temperature in another city. After that, you may see the local forecast.

Any weather alerts will appear on your choice city’s home screen. It may be tapped to access

You may have also seen the little white dot on the temperature scale for the day. You may see the current temperature for that day from that concealed feature.

AccuWeather app

Android users are unable to use native iOS apps, but AccuWeather allows them to stay up to current on the weather. There are several opportunities to stay updated via the app, which is free. For instance, the current weather conditions prediction for your city contains minute-by-minute changes.

AccuWeather may also notify you of any unfavourable circumstances that are on your way. You may also check out the app if you have an iPhone. AccuWeather for iOS is available here. or click here to get the Android app.

AccuWeather’s WinterCast provides you with early warnings on the likelihood of snowfall and accumulation related to current winter storms. In order to predict the temperature, the app also uses RealFeel and RealFeel Shade Temperature technologies.

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