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BluOS will be updated to 4.0 with a fresh look, new features

The Blu OS software will receive a significant update in the spring, to version 4.0, according to Len brook International, the firm that developed it. Blu OS manages a range of audio equipment from NAD, Dali, and PSB, as well as wireless speakers from Blue sound. The update will improve the functionality of the app and give the user interface a cleaner look.

According to a press release sent through email by Blu OS product manager Andrew Haines, “Blu The home screen represents Blu OS 4.0’s most significant upgrade. Access to your most-listened-to stations, music collection, most-recently played songs, services, news, updates, and more is made simpler by a new tile-based interface.

It aligns Blu OS with other programmed that favor tiles on their home pages for convenience, such Son os, Apple Music, and Tidal. OS 4.0 provides extra depth to tailored, multiroom hi-res listening.” The mobile app UI has undergone a thorough overhaul as part of a commitment to providing Blu OS users with seamless user experiences.

Similar to Android, Blu OS now has a bottom-of-screen tab-based navigation bar rather than a slide-out component accessed from the left. One-tap access to Home, Favorites, Music, Players, and Search is provided by the new bar.

Speaking of search, it’s now in the bottom bar and can be accessed from anywhere in the app. It now defaults to the last music service you used, which should make it easier to discover what you’re looking for. The search function defaults to the single music service you have configured. The last service that was browsed will be used by default if you have several services.

A “+” button at the top right corner of the screen when browsing will take you directly to the Music Services tab, making it easier to switch between, manage, and control streaming services.

If your preferred music services allow for favorites, clicking the “star” icon in the top-right corner of the Albums & Playlists page will now allow you to add or remove favorites with a single click.

From the Now Playing screen, you can easily access your available players (such as the Blue sound Pulse M or Pulse Sound bar 2i) in the Player Drawer with just one click. A toggle that allows you to swiftly move between Now Playing and your Play Queue is another new feature for the Now Playing interface. You can switch between basic and detailed information using a quality indicator.