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Check your passwordsThis site rates them based on security

Check your passwords! This site rates them based on security

How safe are the passwords you use? Here are 10 suggestions for creating secure passwords for your accounts. What if we told you that there is a tool you can use to rate the security and hackability of each of your go-to sources?

Many programmes compare passwords based on character length and other criteria. We’ve discovered a fantastic tool that extends this idea, and we welcome you to enter your most frequently used passwords for the real test.

Password manager RoboForm offers a free tool to check the security of your passwords. Learn how to make use of this useful function by continuing to read.

How to use RoboForm’s password checker

Go to RoboForm’s password checker to get started. Once you do, you will be 30 seconds away from the most comprehensive password audit ever.

You may instantly read the strength of your password by typing it in. This programme compares passwords from a database of the most popular and frequently-hacked passwords. Even some of the strongest individuals struggled to pass.

What is the key to this extraordinarily effective and paradigm-shifting system? Instead of the more popular LUDS method, the exclusive zxcvbn algorithm assures accurate results. We believe in the method. If you verify your passwords, you might realise that you need to get updated.

What’s the best approach to create passwords that are more secure? Google suggests the following guidelines, all aimed towards leading a more secure online life:

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Avoid using common words and phrases, such as the word “password.”

Leaving out any identifying information from your password. Do not include details like your name or address.

Pick a different password for each account. Use different passwords for each account you have. If you do this and your password is compromised on one website, thieves may use it to access your other shared accounts.
To safeguard your online identity, strengthening your passwords is a good first step, but don’t stop there. Having reliable antivirus software installed on all of your devices is another essential component of excellent protection. We endorse TotalAV, our sponsor.

TotalAV has you covered whether you use a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device. It keeps your iPhone and iPad operating at their best while safeguarding Windows, Mac, and Android devices. You may currently get a TotalAV annual package at for for $19. That is more than 85% off the list price!

To stop a third party from regaining access to one of your accounts, you should immediately reset the password if you think it has been compromised. Although staying safe is not always straightforward or simple, these tools are excellent ways to cover your bases.