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Galaxy S23 Rumors: All the Buzz Ahead of Samsung

The Galaxy S23 will be released by Samsung when? And what will the price be? Here is what prior launches, leaks, and rumor’s tell us.

Just hours remain until Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked, which suggests that further Galaxy S phones will probably be released soon as well. The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and the highest-spec Galaxy S23 Ultra will almost probably be on display at the event, which is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) on Wednesday. If rumors’ are to be believed, that is.

Some of our favorite smartphones from 2022 are part of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. The S22 Plus is an excellent all-rounder, the original S22 is a strong, more inexpensive alternative, and the all-powerful S22 Ultra has completely wowed us with its outstanding photographic capabilities. We awarded Editors’ Choice Awards to both the Plus and the Ultra.

We can anticipate seeing a base model along with Plus and Ultra variations once more if Samsung continues the pattern it has followed for the previous three generations. On February 1 at Samsung Unpacked, we’ll learn more, but in the meantime, here is what we anticipate based on speculations, leaks, and the company’s recent product announcements. Longer battery life and more innovative camera capabilities are at the top of our wish list for the Galaxy S23 lineup.

Galaxy S23 release date

The Galaxy S23 series is most likely going to be unveiled by Samsung on February 1 at its next Unpacked presentation in San Francisco. Following earlier leaks, such as this roomer from the Korean tabloid Jogging Daily indicating an early February launch for the Galaxy S23, the event announcement was made. Known leaker Ice Universe claimed in a tweet on January 6 to have discovered a Galaxy Unpacked teaser image with a date of February 1.

The question of whether the phones will be sold in stores that month or not is a different one because worldwide supply chains are still having difficulties, so there may be a lengthier delay than usual. However, Samsung is already providing discounts to US customers who wish to make a phone reservation in advance. If you sign up to reserve one device, you’ll receive $50 in Samsung credit, and if you ask to reserve two, you’ll receive $100.

Galaxy S23 models and sizes

We can be sure that Samsung will continue to offer a number of phone models, each with unique features and pricing points to appeal to a broad range of consumers. Based on Samsung’s past performance, we’re convinced that the Galaxy S23 lineup will include an entry-level S23, a step-up S23 Plus with a bigger screen, and a premium S23 Ultra. The Ultra will include the most advanced technology, including additional cameras, the largest display, and perhaps the S Pen stylus.

Three spotlights can also be seen on Samsung’s Unpacked event invitation, which could be a subtle reference to three next Galaxy models.

The three forthcoming phones were almost precisely in line with the existing sizes of the S22 series according to a detailed breakdown of their measurements given by reputable leaker Ice Universe (via GSM Arena). As a result, we don’t anticipate any significant screen size variations between the current range and its predecessors.

For the Galaxy S22, 6.1 inches, for the S22 Plus, 6.6 inches, and for the S22 Ultra, 6.8 inches.

Galaxy S23 price

If Samsung releases numerous models, there will be three different pricing points for the S23 line. We don’t anticipate Samsung to deviate too much from the costs from the previous year. For comparison’s sake, the entry-level S22 started at $800, the Plus model at $1,000, and the high-performance S22 Ultra at $1,200 in the US in February.

Galaxy S23 cameras

One of the main areas of concentration for the new season appears to be the cameras. The CEO of Samsung’s mobile experience business, T.M. Rohr, hinted about upcoming camera upgrades in a blog post on January 17.

He claimed that among all of the Galaxy smartphones, “our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter, giving the greatest photographs and movies in any light.”

That’s probably especially true for the Ultra model, which often houses Samsung’s most significant camera advances. Considering that Samsung has already released two of these image sensors and that they are available in other phones, we anticipated the S22 Ultra to come equipped with a massive 200-megapixel image sensor. Although we didn’t see it on the S22 Ultra, it appears likely that the S23 Ultra will include a 200-megapixel sensor as one of its main selling points. The 200-megapixel sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is another prediction made by Ice Universe. Given that Samsung recently unveiled a new 200-megapixel camera sensor for smartphones, it seems very feasible.

In addition to better resolution, Samsung’s sales site for these sensors claim that by combining groups of tiny pixels into larger individual ones that can capture more light, they have also enhanced low-light photography. In our latest tests, the S22 Ultra outperformed the Pixel 7 Pro as one of the best nighttime camera phones, so news of an increase in its low-light capabilities is interesting.

The phone’s zoom abilities, which are already excellent due to its 10x optical zoom lens, will benefit from its enormous resolution. The lens lineup will reportedly remain the same across all phones, according to recent speculations from Ice Universe, although the added resolution should make zoom images even more precise.

There’s a chance that the Galaxy S23 Plus and possibly the Galaxy S23 will feature a slightly modified camera design. Speculations from reliable sources like Ice Universe and Steve

Hemmer stuffer suggests that instead of a camera module, the future gadgets might have circular cutouts for the camera lenses that sit right on the back of the device. This kind of camera already exists on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but Hemmer stuffer’s leak makes it seem like the Plus model would adopt it as well.

Galaxy S23 battery, processor and other specs

The most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU will very probably be used in the Galaxy S23 lineup. For its European versions in prior years, Samsung employed its own Exons chips. However, a recent earnings conference from Qualcomm made it seem as though Samsung would actually use Qualcomm’s chip in each of the range’s phones.

Other specifications include a minimum of 8GB of RAM on the base models and 12GB on the S23 Ultra. It’s likely that storage will continue to start at 128GB, with choices for additional capacities being available at a higher cost. And no, we don’t anticipate the microSD card slot making a comeback to increase storage. Sad expression.

According to recent FCC certifications, the base S23 will have a battery capacity of 3,900 mash, an improvement over the 3,700 mash of the base S23, while the S23 Plus will also receive a battery bump to 4,700 mash. Although there isn’t an official estimate for the Ultra variant just yet, Ice Universe again claims that it will have a battery with a capacity of 5,000 mash like the S22 Ultra.

We’ll likely know more as Feb. 1 gets closer. But if the rumors turn out to be accurate, the Galaxy S23 lineup will probably be a modest step up from the Galaxy S22 family.