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Google Translate should offer better suggestions for words

The previously released redesign for Android will soon be available for iOS.

In the upcoming weeks, Google Translate will receive an AI-powered boost to assist you in finding more accurate translations, especially for words with numerous definitions. Additional contextual translation options with descriptions and examples will be available in the app.

Consider that you are trying to translate the term “row,” which has several different meanings in English. It might be a discussion, a row of seats on an aero plane, or using an oar to move a boat. All of those variations should soon have translations available in Google Translate, along with usage examples.

In order to effectively translate and employ the relevant turns of phrase, regional idioms, or terms based on your intent, Google claims the app will deliver “the context you need.” If all goes as planned, this should improve your ability to converse in several languages. Beginning this month, users can use the improved contextual translations for languages like English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Additional languages will undoubtedly be added in the future.

In the meantime, the business just launched a revamped version of Translate for Android. Soon, the iOS app will have it. More gestures have been added to the redesigned app to make it easier to use, including the ability to swipe up the most recent translations and faster access to language choices. Google claims that translations are now easier to read, and 33 additional languages, including Basque, Hawaiian, Hmong, Kurdish, Sundanese, Yiddish, and Zulu, are now accessible for on-device translation.