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How to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, each character you obtain begins as a base class. Although they can level these classes up, you are not required to keep everyone in the class they started out in, making it simpler to build better teams. This is an essential step in packing your ranks with a variety of units, but it takes time. Before you can begin transforming archers into knights, there are a number of stages that must be completed, but with our assistance, you won’t miss a beat.

How to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Before you start switching classes, you need three things (or two if you are just switching between base classes). These consist of reaching the necessary level, acquiring sufficient weapon proficiency, and possessing the proper seal.

Step 1: Feel free to switch between base classes whenever you like; you are not required to reach a particular level to do so. However, a unit must first reach level 10 in a certain base class before switching to an advanced class. One illustration is the requirement for a unit to become a Sword master is level 10 in Sword Fighter.

Step 2: You must train that unit to level 10 and ensure that it has at least one weapon proficiency in that class. As an illustration, consider the High Priest class, which calls for mastery of magic, staves, and martial arts, as opposed to the Berserker class, which simply demands mastery of axes.

By strengthening the connection between that unit and the relevant Emblem, one gains weapon proficiency.

Step 3: Finally, a seal is necessary while changing classes. These can both be obtained through battle rewards and Item Shop purchases. You can switch between base and advanced classes with Master Seals, while special classes can be selected using Second Seals.

Step 4: Once all the prerequisites have been satisfied, changing a unit’s class is really done at the Some noel. Enter your inventory, choose Change Class, and then choose the new class you want to join. This will deplete your seal, so even if you can change by obtaining or purchasing a new one, think twice before committing.