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How to filter certain words from your Facebook feed

How to filter certain words from your Facebook feed

How to filter certain words from your Facebook feed? Wordle was the talk of the internet a few months ago. People were boasting about winning the day’s game on social media while also unintentionally ruining the fun for others who hadn’t played yet. In order to avoid seeing a friend’s Wordle posts, one reader wrote to Kim and inquired, “Is there a method to filter certain  words on Facebook?”

Although Wordle isn’t as well-known as it once was, this question is still quite pertinent. It is particularly useful during election season. To stop political spam from clogging up your inbox, tap or click here.


Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent certain phrases from showing up on your newsfeed. However, there are a few smart workarounds.On your personal Facebook profile, you can muffle words, which is a plus. How? Read on.

Why you might want to mute words on Facebook:

You may feel depressed if you spend too much time on social media. Many subjects might make you unhappy, whether it’s dealing with spoilers or political news. Social media can increase your risk of developing depression, according to the University of Pittsburgh.

We advise taking a break from Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other well-known websites because of this. You can benefit greatly from a social media detox. Click or tap here to log off of Facebook in just six easy steps.

But there are various methods for feeling better without completely avoiding the websites. You may, for instance, tidy up what you see on your page. It’s easier to use social media more effectively if you filter out particular terms that make you angry.To eliminate seeing words that irritate or trigger you, follow these instructions. We’ll outline a method you can use to avoid seeing particular words on Facebook.

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How to mute specific words on your Facebook page:

You have more control over your page even though you can’t ban certain terms from appearing in your Facebook feed. Make use of this technique to identify keywords you don’t want to appear. Follow these procedures to automatically remove offensive or bothersome words from your page:

Select the down arrow or hit your profile icon in the top right corner of Facebook after logging in on a computer.
Click or tap Settings & Privacy from there.
Next, click Settings.

There is a method for filter certain words from your Facebook feed.

Here a useful tech tip. Clean up the comments on your Facebook posts by using this guid that explains how to mute words on Facebook.

This leads to a new page that is fittingly named Settings.

Select Profile and Tagging on the left.

Want to block certain words from appearing in comments on your Facebook profile? Luckily, you can hide up to 1,000 words, phrases and emojis.

  • Next, select Hide comments containing certain words from your profile.
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  • There will be a drop-down menu. You can now mute a maximum of 1,000 keywords.

    Enter the term you want to be hidden. Put a comma in between words if you want to silence them all at once.
    Recall the Wordle illustration from earlier? Consider the scenario where you wish to prevent your friends from sharing their Wordle results on your wall. Simply write Wordle and press Enter.

    Even phrases and emoticons can be blocked. When a word is muted on your page, it appears as follows:

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  • When you’re done, click Save.
    Just be aware that you have the choice to make posts visible. A notification stating that a comment has been hidden may appear. To view that comment, click the option marked “Unhide.”

    You can reveal specific comments in this way. However, until you unhide it, all other comments containing the muted word will be prohibited.