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How to fly in Minecraft

You could have caught a glimpse of someone flying through the globe of Minecraft while watching gaming. How do I do that?” you might have exclaimed (many of us did). Not to worry! You could theoretically fly in Minecraft as well. Even how difficult you want to make things for yourself is up to you.

Let’s examine the two main methods of flying in Minecraft and how to employ them.

How to fly in Minecraft with Creative mode

Step 1:You must first change the mode of your Minecraft game to Creative. The ability to fly isn’t always present in all of the Minecraft game modes, but Creative mode is essentially a god mode that you may play about with for fun. Flying is also made incredibly simple by it.

Playing on a PC? Enter Creative mode by issuing a straightforward command. Type “/game mode creative” in the chat to start a game mode. Once you press Enter, Creative mode will be automatically selected. All you need is that.

You will need to start a new game with Create new world and make sure that the game mode is set to Creative before you start if you are playing on a device that does not allow you to enter commands via chat.

Step 2: Press the Jump button twice once you’re ready to fly and in Creative mode. You can now fly! That’s the Space bar on a keyboard, the A button on an Xbox, and the X button on a PlayStation.

Step 3: After you begin flying, you’ll need to develop your navigational skills. To move upward, hold down the Jump button. The Directional buttons should allow you to modify your flight as you proceed. You should descend by pressing the left Shift key or the Down key. Depending on the device you’re using, this operates somewhat differently, but learning the fundamentals doesn’t take very long.

Step 4: You can stop flying at any time by pressing the Jump button twice again.

How to fly in Minecraft with Survival mode

Flying is still an option if you take Minecraft seriously and want to totally skip Creative mode, but it’s far more difficult and time-consuming. You’ll need to acquire an extremely unique object known as an Elytra. Here is what to do.

Step 1: Discover an End city by going to The End. It’s simpler to say than to do. You’ll typically need to slay the Ender Dragon, which will open two portals. You can travel to the End islands to explore using one of those portals. End cities can be found here; these are large, nearly fungal cities that are difficult to miss. You might want to look at our tutorial on how to battle the Ender Dragon since it is reputed to be one of the hardest monsters in Minecraft.

Step 2: Find an End Ship. They spawn at End cities and are easy to see – they look like big, gray ships.

Step 3: Look for a particular area on the End Ship that has strips of obsidian inlaid throughout (a Shucker will also be there to welcome you). You can locate an Elytra and treasure containers at the end of this room. While you’re looting, grab it. It appears something like a pair of wings in your inventory. It is possible to obtain more than one, but it can take some time because they are difficult to locate.

Step 4: Install the Elytra. Locate a towering structure to jump off of, then once airborne, press the Jump button. You should begin to fly. This is more comparable to utilizing a hang glider than Creative mode flying. Flying straight up doesn’t really work; you’ll want to change directions slowly and carefully.

Step 5: You will eventually begin to tremble in midair and begin to plummet with the Elytra. At this point, some have utilized fireworks as rockets to give themselves an additional boost, but this is not necessary unless you really want to test your flying abilities.

Step 6: Elytra’s are tough and deteriorate with use. Phantom membranes can be used to repair them, or you can merge two Elytra’s to create a repaired version.