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How to getting in free stuff each year from your cell provider

You could be getting $360 in free stuff each year from your cell provider

You receive services from your free mobile provider in addition to that. By blocking unsolicited calls and messages, you can avoid spam and frauds with the aid of several software. To learn more about how to avoid scams and spam, tap or click here.

However, there’s still more! Major carriers are including free temporary or ongoing streaming service subscriptions as long as you maintain your unlimited plan.

Here are the benefits of the plans offered by the biggest carriers in the country. Be aware that there are prerequisites for receiving benefits, such as enabling autopay and maintaining many active lines at once. For information, check with the carrier.


Verizon offers a number of complimentary streaming subscriptions, depending on the plan. What you receive from the unlimited plans is as follows:

The two more affordable subscriptions, 5G Start and 5G Do More, each feature six months of Disney+, Discovery+, Apple Arcade, or Google Play Pass. Six months of Apple Music are also included. With these subscriptions, you’ll receive free streaming services worth roughly $100 for the first six months.
5G Play More: For as long as you remain on the plan, the next tier includes Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass. You also receive a six-month trial of Apple Music and discovery+. You’ll get close to

Here, you get $140 in annual free streaming services, plus $155 in music and TV during the first six months.
5G Get More: For as long as you remain on the plan, Verizon’s premium plan includes Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Furthermore, you receive discovery+ for six months. You will receive $85 in free discovery+ for the first six months in addition to about $360 in free streaming every year.


Important: Paramount+, which costs $50 per year, is included in the base plan.
Magenta: Now things really start to become interesting. For as long as you have the plan, the most affordable Magenta plan includes Netflix Basic for one screen. Additionally, you get Paramount+ for a year. If you travel frequently, you can benefit from unlimited in-flight texting, four full-flight streaming sessions each year, and one hour of streaming. You can save $50 on Paramount+ for the first year and $120 on Netflix for as long as you stay with the streaming service.

Magenta MAX: The most expensive unlimited plan comes with Apple TV+ for as long as you have the plan and Netflix Standard for two screens. Additionally, you get Paramount+ for a year. You save $50 on Paramount+ in the first year and $270 between Netflix and Apple TV+. Full-flight texting and Wi-Fi with streaming are welcome amenities for those with a wanderlust.


Sprint ONE: To see any benefits, you must start with the middle-tier plan. With Sprint ONE, you get unlimited messaging as long as you keep the plan, a subscription to Hulu, and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi. With the free Hulu membership, you may save $80 annually.
Sprint MAX: Go all out with a Hulu membership, limitless in-flight streaming, and unlimited messaging. You receive a year’s worth of Hulu for nothing.

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HBO Max was formerly included without charge with the majority of AT&T’s unlimited plans. They also had a lot more options at the time. There are currently only three unlimited plans, and none of them come with any in-flight perks or streaming subscriptions.