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How to gift on Steam

Giving a game on Steam is the ideal present for a friend who enjoys playing video games. Previously, you could give games to anyone with an email address, but now you can only give games to other Steam users who are on your friend list.

How to gift a new game on Steam

Prior to this change, anyone with an email address could receive a game along with information on how to create a Steam account and download their new purchase. Only those on your friend list who already have a Steam account are eligible to receive new games as gifts. 

Step 1: Make sure your friend has a Steam account.
Step 2: Someone who does not already have a Steam account must create one and download the Steam client in order to purchase a game from you.
Step 3:Someone who does not already have a Steam account must create one and download the Steam client in order to purchase a game from you.
Step 4:Ask them to join your circle of friends. Following their acceptance, you can send them a game.
Step 5:Choose Add to Cart after finding the game you wish to give in the Steam shop, either through the web interface or the client. A message that reads, “Buy this game as a gift for a friend” will be located directly above the buy option if you already possess the game in question on your own account.

Step 6: Select Purchase as a gift.

Purchase for myself will become sluggish and faded if you already own the game because you are no longer allowed to own multiple copies of the same title.

Step 7: From your list of friends, choose the recipient. If you want the delivery to arrive later than expected and be a surprise for a certain occasion, you can select to plan it for a later time and day.

Step 8: Add a personal touch to your gift by including a message and your friend’s name. This can range from a straightforward “happy birthday” or “happy holidays” greeting to a touching letter or humorous remark.

Step 9:  Press Continue to continue to the usual purchase screen as if you were purchasing a game for yourself after adding a note to personalize your gift. Your friend will then have to accept the gift. You’ll be notified when it’s added to their collection.

How to gift a duplicate game on Steam

You can no longer buy and hold onto game codes for an extended amount of time due to a recent change made by Valve to the gifting policy on Steam in an effort to crack down on important resellers and individuals who exploit regional price disparities. However, any leftover codes you might still have are still present and can be distributed the same way as before.

Step 1: Under the Games tab in the Steam client, select Manage Gifts and Guest Passes,

Make sure you have the Steam client software installed before looking for this option because you can only find it when using it.

Step 2: Select the duplicate game you want to gift.

If you have extra copies of a game you can lend to someone, you’ll see them in the grid.

Step 3: Select the game you want, then look to the right and choose the Send Gift button.

You can transfer the game to a buddy on your friend list using Steam with only one simple click if they are on your friend list. On the other hand, you can also send it to them using that method by typing in their email on the next page.

Step 4: After you have added the recipient’s information through either process, click Next and continue from step 6 listed above.

Give a Steam Wallet code

Anyone who has joined your Stream friend list for at least three days is eligible to get a Steam Wallet Code.

Step 1: Price ranges for Steam Gift Cards include $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Simply select the precise amount you wish to contribute.

Step 2: Select the particular friend on your list who you want to send the gift card to.

Step 3: Make the purchase.

The money will show in your friend’s Steam Wallet as soon as they receive and open the gift, and they may start using it right away.