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How to make a meme

It’s reasonable to say that memes have dominated the internet and are still growing and changing today. Memes come in all different forms and sizes, ranging from straightforward graphics with no alteration to intricate Photoshopped images.

But if you’re not confident in your computer skills, making your own meme can seem frightening. So that you may easily create the ideal meme to share with friends and family, we have produced a simple instruction manual.

You can utilize any of the services listed below after you have your photo, regardless of whether you took it, screen-capped it, or found it online.

How to make a meme using Imdur Meme Generator

Step 1: You’ll need to either login in with your Imdur account or create one before you can use the Imdur Meme Generator. Then, click the green “New post” button while selecting the Down arrow. From the option that displays, choose Create a meme.

Step 2: To upload a new background, select. Then, either drag your images into the pop-up window’s top box and click the Browse button to upload them from your computer, or enter an image or URL into the text box located immediately below the Browse button. Following that, Imdur will upload your image and take you to the editing page immediately.

Step 3: Once it’s ready, your photo will show up on Imdur’s editing page where you may enter the text that will display alongside it. The text can be moved and resized here, among other things. Before choosing “Create this meme,” give your meme a name.

Step 4: You have a ton of options on your following page on how to use the meme you just made. Just right-click the image and save it to your computer if you want to keep it for later. The URL can also be copied so that you can share it later. Take note of the Delete post link if you do not want to save the image to Imdur because it will only show once. In the absence of that, you can upload it to your Imdur account.

Congrats, you’ve just made a meme using Imdur!

How to make a meme using the Meme Generator app

Consider using Zumba Droid’s Meme Generator, which is presently accessible for both iOS and Android, if you’re most creative when you’re on the go.

Step 1: Click the Custom meme photo icon in the top-right corner on iOS or the bottom-right corner on Android after downloading the programmed. You can access your own pictures this way, though Meme Generator also provides a tone of stock photos you may pick from. When you choose the desired image, the programmed should go to the next stage automatically.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to choose the layout of your meme and the quality of it.

There are two layout options: Traditional and Modern. With a classic layout, your text is simply layered on top of your image with one line at the top and one at the bottom. In the modern day, text is placed above an image.

You can select between Normal and High quality (Normal produces faster results than High but may have a lower picture quality). Choose OK once you’ve made your decisions.

Step 3: You can add text, stickers, emojis, and even effects on the next screen. When you’re through editing, choose either the Save or Share icons to save or share your image. It can be sent to an email address or shared on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. You may also text it to someone. That’s how easy Meme Generator makes it!

How to make a meme using Instagram

Step 1:While the app is open, pick Stories by tapping the Instagram Plus sign icon in the top navigation bar’s right corner.

On the Add to narrative page, click Camera to begin filming your Story or short video.

The White circle icon in the center should be pressed and held. When you’re done editing a clip, release the control so you may apply effects like text or stickers.

Step 2: Simply tap the Your tale icon in the bottom-left corner when you’re ready to share your Story video. After 24 hours, your Instagram Story video will no longer be accessible unless you save it or add it to your profile.

How to make a meme using Snapchat

Step 1: After starting the programmed and positioning your subject in the frame, you should press and hold the Big circle to begin recording.

Step 2:A single-take video can be recorded without being timed. Along with a still image, you may embellish your finished video with a choice of emoji, text, and special effects to make it stand out.

Step 3:After you’ve recorded your footage, locate the Down arrow icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen to save it. For the following 24 hours, all of your followers can view your creation by sharing it to your story or sending it to your friends.

You can post videos more permanently on websites like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter when you save them.

More tips for making memes

Know your memes: Examining existing viral memes is an excellent idea, especially the newest ones. They can provide you ideas, such as the current popularity of a particular meme theme, or they can let you know if your proposed solution has already been explored. Know Your Meme, a website dedicated to keeping track of any and all memes you come across, is the finest source for staying up to date with the most recent trends and memes.

Keep a watchful eye on trends: Keeping up with current events, popular culture, and other memes may be very inspiring. For recognizing trends, Tikor, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are excellent resources. Usually, themes that are amusing are successful. Make a note of the things that make you laugh the loudest and that receive the most comments.

Choose a subject you can relate to: You might have trouble selling a sports-themed meme if you’re not a fan. When you run out of ideas, cute animals are usually a fantastic fallback, but if you really want to push the envelope, pick a famous person you can easily imitate. If you want to make your meme out of a personal story, pick one that people can easily relate to.

Decide on a medium: A photo is the simplest form of media to utilize, but if you can be humorous or capture something amusing on camera, you might want to try video.

Keep these composition rules in mind

Collect your materials: Before moving on, this is the time to choose whether you’re going to create original content or reuse available resources. Get the right screens from the videos you want to use if you’re making a photo meme and want to use pre-existing footage. You can utilize the meme maker on Imdur or browse the web for photographs to use as pegs.

Keep it short and simple: The average internet user has a relatively short attention span, so you want to grab their interest right away. Create a memorable slogan using straightforward language.

Find the right expression to convey: Make sure your visuals match the sentiment you’re trying to portray.

Find the necessary tools

It could be a good idea to get Photoshop if you’re making a photo meme. You can also search for websites that create memes, such as Imp flip’s meme generator, which allows you to add your own image for the background. Last but not least, you can download photo apps directly to your phone that let you annotate images.