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How to make money from your car, home, RV

How to make money from your car, home, RV and other stuff you own

Everyone could use a little additional cash, but who has the time to start working part-time? Make passive money by renting out the items you already own. To make money without working, use these applications.

1. Turn tools you never use into cash with Rent My Equipment

You may earn money with this peer-to-peer marketplace software by renting out trailers, tools for home repair, outdoor gear, heavy machinery, and other items you don’t use. The Equipment Protection Plan offers you up to $25,000 in protection against loss and damage for each item you specify.

You must sign up for a Stripe account in order to receive payment. Small company owners love using this credit card payment software. Just be aware that it accounts for 25% of the overall gross rental charge, which includes delivery fees.

Depending on the equipment you have, you might earn hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

2. Make passive income by renting your RV with Outdoorsy

Simply create a listing by adding photographs and a description to this app’s interface. If someone hires your RV, Outdoorsy will pay you within 48 hours of the booking. Outdoorsy will retain 20%, 22%, or 25% of the entire cost as fees, depending on your host level.

3. Got a car you don’t use? Turn to Turo

Your monthly insurance charges for the automobile, which you never use, are at least $100. By using Turo to find a tenant, you may turn that expense into a source of revenue. You can meet folks that require a vehicle using this website.

Use Turo’s calculator to estimate your earnings before listing your car.

4. Rent your home with Airbnb, Vrbo and other sites

By offering it on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, you may turn your holiday house into a source of income. Despite being the two most widely used home-renting applications, they differ in a few key ways.

More people use Airbnb’s services. With certain exceptions, the majority of hosts pay a 3% charge.
Vrbo exclusively accepts reservations for holiday rentals that stand alone. The average host pays a 3% processing charge on top of a 5% commission per booking.
While Vrbo draws large families and older citizens, Airbnb is preferred by students, business people, and visitors.
Vrbo does not allow you to rent out single rooms, while Airbnb does.

By offering it on Airbnb or Vrbo, you may make money from your holiday home. Despite the fact that these are the two most often used applications for renting out homes, they differ in a few key ways:

Both services and users on Airbnb are growing. With a few exceptions, most hosts pay a 3% charge.
Only solitary vacation rentals are accepted on VRBO. Most hosts pay a 3% processing charge on top of a commission of 5% per booking.
While Vrbo draws big families and retirees, Airbnb is more popular among students, business travellers, and vacationers.
With Airbnb, but not Vrbo, you may rent out single rooms.

5. Make passive income by renting your pool with Swimply

Rent your pool from Swimply by the hour if you aren’t using it. Create an ad and specify your pricing range. Some homeowners charge $80 per hour to hire out their opulent pools.

To receive payment, you must link your account to a Stripe account. Swimply pays you by direct transfer following a successful booking, less a 15% service charge.

Giggster: This website links you with production companies looking to rent out locations for scenes. While some production teams just need access to houses for a few hours, others need residences for several weeks or days.
Direct deposit will be used to pay you. Giggster deducts service costs from your host compensation at a rate of 19%. But it only works with iPhones.

You might earn anything between $1,000 and $100,000 annually.

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