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How to report someone on Discord

Discord is a fantastic way to communicate with your gaming friends for free using voice and text chat, but occasionally someone will say something in the conversation that is against the rules. You could choose to report the person directly to Discord so that disciplinary action can be done depending on the seriousness of the post. It’s not, however, as easy as it might seem at first.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to report someone on Discord.

How to report users and servers on Discord

You must follow certain procedures if you want to successfully report someone who is abusive, spamming, threatening, or harassing you in chat. You might discover that a whole server is engaging in destructive behavior that goes against accepted community norms. Here’s what you can do to notify the Discord moderators.

Check if the message violates Discord’s guidelines

Unless a user’s message really transgresses Discord’s community rules, you shouldn’t report them. The following actions and messages are not permitted on Discord:

  • Harassment
  • Spam messages
  • Violating IP rights
  • Sharing child pornography
  • Glorifying or promoting suicide and self-harm
  • transmitting viruses
  • Threatening another user
  • Sharing images of gore or animal cruelty

You probably shouldn’t report someone directly to Discord if their message doesn’t fit into one of these categories. Instead, if at all feasible, discuss the behavior of the other channel participants. You can even expel them and/or ban them yourself if you’re the server owner or moderator. To prevent seeing their content while still keeping track of what everyone else is saying on the server, you can also block or mute the person.

Turn on developer mode, find the relevant ID codes, and send report

Step 1: Click the Gear icon next to your name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select the Appearance tab.

Step 3: On this page, scroll down to the Advanced section. A toggle marked “Development Mode” will be shown. Switch it on.

Step 4: Go to the message in question and right-click on the user’s name directly to obtain three separate ID codes.

Step 5: Select Copy ID.

Step 6: Copy the number and paste it someplace, labelling it “user ID” or something such. The ID won’t change even if the user changes their username.

Step 7: Simply perform a second right-click on the message itself and choose Copy ID. This time, the message and channel both have ID numbers. Like you did with the previous one, paste it and give it the label “message ID.”

Step 8: Right-click the server icon that is located on the left side of your screen.

Step 9: Select Copy ID a third time and paste it with the two others.

Step 10: Label this one “server ID” or something similar.

Step 11: Send your report.

At the final step, you will use Discord’s Trust & Safety request center to submit your report. Enter your email address, choose the report type from the drop-down box that most accurately describes your circumstance, enter a subject, and then in the Description box, briefly describe the occurrence and input the three ID codes. You might also want to think about uploading screenshots of the communications to Discord, which you can do by submitting them in the form’s Attachments section. You may now let Discord handle the rest after sending the report.

How to report on iOS

On iOS, reporting a Discord user is significantly easier than it is on a desktop. Maybe too basic.

Simply press down with your finger, hold the desired message in place, then select Report. You won’t need to provide any justification or ID numbers. The support staff of Discord affirms that it treats these reports equally with all the others. You can also email if a situation requires immediate action and you don’t have access to a computer. Just enter the specifics of your circumstance in the text box provided, hit “Send,” and you’re done. Be aware that you might not hear back. Make sure your email contains a link to the message. Simply select Copy Message Link from the same menu as previously to obtain this URL.

How to clear a report from Discord

We advise sending a direct message to the Discord Twitter page if you find yourself in a scenario where you need to cancel a previous report. Provide specifics about your circumstance and request that a staff member remove your report. You should also make sure to provide the Discord staff with your account’s email address so as to make their job easier. Someone might retract a report for a number of reasons, including reporting someone by accident or before understanding that the message did not infringe on Discord’s community guidelines.

It should be noted that filing false reports is expressly forbidden by Discord’s terms of service. If you don’t report someone who you are certain is breaking the rules, you can suffer some repercussions. The support staff at Discord tries to respond to reports as quickly as they can. They frequently find solutions to problems quickly.