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How to reset Google Nest Audio

The excellent sound produced by Google Nest Audio is unmatched by other smart speakers. Although it costs a little more than other smart speakers like the Nest Mini or Echo Dot, it still manages to deliver amazing sound without being as pricey as the Apple Home Pod mini or Osnos One. The Google Nest Audio is an extraordinarily well-rounded device thanks to full support for Google Assistant and Google Home.

While using and configuring your Google Nest Audio is simple, understanding how to reset it is another matter. You must be extremely careful to reset your device because there is no physical reset button and no voice-reset functionality for the Google Nest Audio. Thankfully, it just takes a few seconds to reset the Google Nest Audio if you understand how it operates.

How to reset Google Nest Audio

Unfortunately, the Nest Audio cannot be reset using voice commands or the Google Home app. Instead, you’ll need to perform a number of odd (but straightforward) tasks. This is how it goes.

Step 1: The Nest Audio’s back has a microphone that you may turn off. The lights ought to turn orange as a result.

Step 2: Press and hold the Nest Audio’s center top when the microphone is off. The gadget will start to reset itself in around five seconds.

Step 3: Hold down the Nest Audio button for a further 10 seconds. Eventually, a chime will sound to let you know the device has been reset.

Step 4: There is an alternative method to reset your Google Nest Audio if that doesn’t work. Just disconnect it, wait ten seconds, and then re-plug it. Repeat this 10 times until all four of the device’s lights are on. Then, plug the device back in. The gadget will say “Welcome to Google Home” following the startup procedure the last time you connect it in, indicating that it has been reset.

When should I reset my Google Nest Audio?

All data on your Google Nest Audio will be deleted if you perform a factory reset. When everything is finished, the gadget will operate as if you just unwrapped it. As a result, you shouldn’t reset your device until absolutely necessary because you’ll have to reconnect it to every other device you own.

However, rebooting the Google Nest Audio could help with any technical troubles you’ve been having. Before selling the smart speaker, it’s a good idea to reset it. This will make sure that when the device finds a new home, there won’t be any of your data left on it.