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iOS 16.3: The New Features That Just Landed on Your iPhone

Among the new features are support for the Homed 2 and security keys for Apple ID.

The iOS 16.3 update from Apple is currently accessible and gives your iPhone new features, bug fixes, and security improvements. Along with the upgrade, updates for other Apple software, including iPadOS, Safari, and earlier iterations of iOS, were also made available. The most recent iOS update was released around a month after iOS 16.2.

Here are the new features landing on your iPhone with iOS 16.3.

Support for the second-gen HomePod

The second-generation HomePod, which is scheduled to go on sale on February 3 for $299 (£299, AU$479), will be supported by Apple’s iOS 16.3 operating system. Four days before to the release of the most recent iOS update, Apple announced the arrival of the new HomePod.

New Unity wallpaper for Black History Month

A new iPhone wallpaper from Apple’s Black Unity Collection is part of the most recent iOS release. With a limited-edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, a mosaic watch face, and a new iPhone wallpaper, the collection honors Black History Month. A variety of Black History Month-related material will also be made available by Apple for Apple TV, Fitness Plus, Music, Maps, Books, Podcasts, and the App Store.

New ways to use Emergency SOS via satellite

A satellite-based emergency SOS service was unveiled during an Apple event in September. Call with Hold and Release has taken the role of the Call with Hold option in iOS 16.3. You can start a countdown and an alarm by holding the side button and a volume button while using Call with Hold and Release. When the countdown is complete, you release the buttons, and your iPhone will automatically dial 911. Before Call with Hold, the Emergency SOS call slider would appear after pressing the side button and a volume button. Holding the buttons down longer caused a countdown to begin and an alarm to sound. Your phone would dial an emergency number when the countdown was complete.

The option to Call Quietly in Emergency SOS is also available. By turning on this setting, your phone will not flash or sound an alert when you attempt to make an emergency SOS call.

Security keys come to Apple ID

Users can no longer use two-factor authentication for their Apple IDs; instead, they can use third-party security keys.

Security keys resemble home keys in many ways. You still use passwords, but this additional security measure can shield you from hackers and phishing frauds.

Diya Jolly, chief product officer of authentication service provider Octa, told CNET’s Stephen Shanklin that hardware security keys are “very, very safe.”

Apple’s security keys feature only works with FIDO Alliance-certified security keys.

Here is the list of new features and changes included in iOS 16.3.

. In honor of Black History Month, a new Unity wallpaper celebrates Black history and culture.

. By requiring a physical security key as part of the two factor authentication sign in process on new devices, Security Keys for Apple ID enables users to increase the security of their account.

  • Support for HomePod (second generation).
  • In order to prevent accidental emergency calls, emergency SOS calls now require holding the side button while pressing the up or down volume button, then releasing.
  • a problem where some drawing strokes made with an Apple Pencil or your finger might not show up on shared boards has been fixed
  • a problem where the wallpaper on the lock screen can seem black is fixed.
  • Corrects a problem where the iPhone 14 Pro Max may momentarily display horizontal lines while waking up.
  • Fixes an issue where the Home Lock Screen widget does not accurately display Home app status.
  • Addresses an issue where Siri may not respond properly to music request Resolves issues where Siri requests in CarPlay may not be understood correctly.
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