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Microsoft Goes After Google With AI-Boosted Search.

The new Bing from Microsoft employs AI to provide you with more thorough responses to your queries. Join the waiting list to give it a try.

The limited preview version of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, which utilizes the same Open AI technology as Chat GPT, is now accessible. Anyone can test out a few sample queries that are published on the Bing website, but you must sign up for the waiting list if you want to test out the complete desktop preview.

Microsoft is leading a small but increasing group of businesses who are adopting chatbots to give more human-like responses to search queries with the AI-powered Bing, from Google to Baidu. While Bing trails Google by a very wide margin in terms of search engine market share, the addition of AI to search results is certain to increase interest in Bing.

Are you interested in trying out the updated Bing search engine’s restricted preview? To get your hands on the new Bing as soon as possible, you’ll need to sign up for the waiting list. We’ll show you how to do so as well as how you can advance on the list.

Join the waiting list for the new Bing

On your desktop, go to and click the blue Join the waitlist button if you wish to try out the new Bing restricted preview. You’ll need a Microsoft account to sign up, so you can either sign in using your current Microsoft login information or establish a new account. You’ll be directed back to the sign-up page after completing all the instructions, where it should state “Great! On the waiting list are you.”

Climb up in the Bing waiting list to get access faster

Microsoft offers two ways for you to climb the list and gain quicker access to the new AI-powered Bing. A new button that reads “Access the new Bing faster” should be added on the waitlist page after registration. If you select it, the following two choices will appear:

1. On your computer, set the Microsoft defaults. When you select this option, Bing will be asked to be your web browser’s default search engine on either Mac or Windows.

2. To get the Microsoft Bing App, scan the QR code. Download the Microsoft Bing app for iOS or Android by scanning the QR code with your phone or tablet.

If you accomplish one of the two actions listed above without being signed into your Microsoft account, it won’t count towards moving you up the list. Microsoft has not yet provided a timeline for when the limited Bing preview will be available, other than to say that “we’re planning to scale the preview to millions in the coming weeks.” Employees of CNET are evaluating it and will report back on their findings.

I was able to access the preview in less than a day. Keep an eye out for an email telling you when it will be your turn to gain access. Currently only available on PC, AI-powered Bing will ultimately be made available on mobile.