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Microsoft is already expanding Bing Chat to Skype and phones

One of Microsoft’s most intriguing products is Bing Talk, an AI chatbot powered by Chat GPT. The Windows developer is moving quickly to incorporate AI into more of its products, including three of its mobile apps: Skype, Bing mobile, and Edge.

This morning, Microsoft revealed the information in a blog post. It makes sense to integrate AI-enhanced search to the Edge browser and the Bing app, and early access users will soon start to notice Bing Talk in those apps. Microsoft is moving rapidly; just two days prior, we had heard signs regarding Bing Chat on mobile.

Instead of typing or swiping in your query, you can speak to the AI assistant if you have Bing Chat installed in the Bing and Edge apps. This is crucial because using a smartphone keypad with one hand while travelling might be difficult.

The fact that Microsoft is also adding this AI function to Skype comes as a bit of a surprise. Almost 36 million individuals use Skype every day for conversations and chats, according to Microsoft. Bing Chat as a co-pilot could greatly increase that number. Next, early adopters will have the option to start a dialogue with Bing by mentioning.

Bing Chat makes it possible to swiftly respond to questions that come up during a Skype discussion without having to leave the session and open a web browser.

For iPhones and Android smartphones, Bing, the Edge browser, and Skype are already accessible. To access the new AI features, you must first join the Bing Chat waitlist if you haven’t already.

On February 7, 2023, Bing Chat first made an appearance in a little preview. Although Microsoft is moving swiftly, it will be some time before it is accessible to all. Because the AI has displayed some unpredictable behavior in preliminary testing, a slow deployment is advised.