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Microsoft just Added A New Reason You Might Want To Try Edge

Microsoft just Added A New Reason You Might Want To Try Edge

Microsoft recently said that it will include ChatGPT from OpenAI into its Bing search engine. If it isn’t intriguing enough, a subsequent update could convince you to give Edge another shot.

Continue reading to learn about an important Edge upgrade that Microsoft believes will convince you to switch browsers.

Adobe Acrobat coming to Microsoft Edge

You undoubtedly see PDFs frequently in both your professional and personal lives. You are aware of how difficult it may be to locate a programme that allows you to examine a PDF rapidly. Microsoft wants to put a stop to this irritation.

Although several programmes can open and edit PDF files, Adobe is without a doubt the most widely used choice. Microsoft is currently attempting to exploit Adobe’s influence to entice additional users.

The tech giant said in a recent update that it is working with Adobe to integrate Acrobat PDF features into its Edge browser.

According to Microsoft, this will provide users with a special PDF experience that includes enhanced performance, stronger security for processing PDF files, and increased accessibility, including better text selection and read-aloud narration.

This implies that you may use Edge to manage your PDF requirements rather than using a different application. Although the fundamental features will be free, there is a catch.

You’ll still need an Acrobat subscription for certain features

Through Edge, you may make use of free Acrobat features. For premium tools, you’ll need to purchase an Adobe membership. It will cost money for you to merge files, alter text and photos, and convert PDFs to other file types.

If you need certain Microsoft features, you already need to purchase an Adobe membership; the same will hold true for the Edge add-ons. Customers of Microsoft Edge who currently subscribe to Adobe Acrobat can use the Acrobat extension inside Edge without paying any additional fees.

Beginning in March 2023, every user of Windows 10 and 11 will be able to utilise Microsoft Edge with Adobe Acrobat PDF technology.