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PC acting up after the latest update? Try this

PC acting up after the latest update? Try this

PC acting up after the latest update.Microsoft’s most recent update to Windows 10 fixes 14 bugs, but not everyone is having a seamless experience.

An operating system update can occasionally go awry, and the most recent patch is causing problems for certain customers. Although it isn’t as bad as the effects of previous updates, it can nevertheless reduce productivity.

Continue reading to learn about the many issues that may arise following the Windows update and what you can do to fix them.

Here’s the backstory

Microsoft released the KB5019275 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 devices last week. Although it doesn’t include security updates, it fixes 14 problems that have a negative impact on usability.

Although some customers chose to apply the update, they are now dealing with a number of Windows-breaking bugs. The Start menu, Windows search, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps “may not perform as intended or might have difficulty opening,” according to Microsoft, which acknowledges the issue.

The registry keys or data on these impacted Windows machines “may be corrupt, which might impact apps using Microsoft Office APIs.” In order to interface with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Calendar, some programmes, like ClickShare, rely on the API.

What you can do about it

The recent optional update may be the issue, according to the Microsoft team in charge of updates, who are currently looking into it. The company added that changes to installed apps could be the cause of the problems. Although there isn’t currently a follow-up patch available, a solution exists.

Microsoft advises removing and reinstalling any apps that are integrated with Windows, Microsoft Office, Outlook, or Outlook Calendar. There may be be available updates for the impacted apps or advice from the app creator.

Although there isn’t an official list of Windows apps that can lead to this issue, if you recently installed an optional update and something doesn’t function as intended, you may have the bug. The next step is to advise you to go through your list of integration apps and remove each one one at a time.

Skype, Teams, Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, DocuSign, and Salesforce are popular programmes that can interface with Microsoft Office.

Users are unable to reverse the upgrade, so they must deal with it until a legitimate remedy is made available.

it is a seamless pc acting experience.

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