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Peacock does away with free tier for new subscribers

Peacock has reduced the number of subscription alternatives it offers to just two, and they are now both paid options. The free Peacock tier is no longer offered; now, prospective users can choose between the $5/month Premium and $10/month Plus plans, as was first observed by The Stream able.

On the Peacock website, it is stated that “If you already have a Peacock account but do not have a subscription plan, you can watch a limited amount of content for free.” This means that those who are already using the free tier won’t be immediately forced onto one of the expensive choices.

Although the modification was not formally publicized, it is clear on the Peacock website and in streaming applications. Also, it doesn’t change the fact that the finest content on Peacock has always been available on one of the paid tiers, even though it’s a setback for people who blatantly refuse to pay for streaming video. It holds true for primetime television programmed that are streamed the day after they air, as well as for live sporting events like the Premier League.

The primary difference between the Premium and Plus plans is still that, if you choose the more expensive option, there is no advertising in the on-demand material. (You can also obtain a feed of your local NBC affiliate and download programmed for offline watching.)

If you choose to pay for the service yearly as opposed to monthly, you can still save some money. You can choose the Premium option under that plan for $50 per year or the Plus option for $100 per year, saving you around 17%.

Peacock, the streaming division of NBCUniversal, is accessible through a variety of smart Televisions, a web browser, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, and Android TV.