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RIP Internet Explorer: Microsoft Kills Off Legacy Browser

On Tuesday, Microsoft turned down Internet Explorer 11.

The body of Internet Explorer 11 is located here. It formerly dominated the field of web browsers. It is now dead.

In an effort to enhance user experience and encourage enterprises to switch to its more recent Edge browser, Microsoft permanently stopped its out-of-support legacy browser on Tuesday, the firm said. According to Microsoft, this pertains to “certain versions of Windows 10”.

Microsoft claimed in a statement that its Edge browser offers a faster, more secure, and more up-to-date surfing experience while still being able to open legacy, Internet Explorer-dependent websites when necessary.

According to Microsoft, as of Tuesday, devices that hadn’t previously been switched from IE11 to Microsoft Edge would be.

Internet Explorer once held sway over the browser industry. It possessed 95% of the browser market in 2003. But Microsoft has shifted to Edge, and Internet Explorer’s heyday is long gone. But, Microsoft’s efforts to include Edge with the recently upgraded Bing search engine thanks to AI have renewed interest in both.

The public’s response to the announcement that Microsoft was discontinuing Internet Explorer last summer was both passionate and amusing. In South Korea, the browser received its own tombstone, and IE memes were everywhere.