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Stock Up on Mophie USB-C PD Chargers From Just $10

With these Gann wall chargers, you can keep your phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, and even your laptop charged.

Keeping all of your technology charged might be a nuisance, but these days it’s much simpler thanks to the abundance of quick USB-C PD chargers. It is now simpler to make sure you always have a power source with you because you can now charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and more devices with just one type of charger. Also, a selection of Morphia USB-C chargers are currently 50% off at Amazon, bringing down the cost to as little as $10 for a short period of time.

Many potent chargers with one, two, or four USB ports and up to 120 watts of power output are available in the sale. The smallest option, which is now around $10, offers 20 watts, which is sufficient to quickly charge an iPhone 14. To ensure you always have access to quick charging, you might get one at this price for each room in your home. The largest 120-watt model is the best choice for travelling because it offers one USB-A connector, three USB-C PD ports, and three USB-A ports.

Gallium Nitride, often known as Gann, is the material used in the design of all available alternatives, which lowers heat production and enables a significantly smaller overall footprint for these high-power chargers. Check Amazon’s many power and colour options to see which ones are on sale, and then be sure to clip the 50% coupon off the charger’s product page before adding it to your basket.