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How to quickly find and search photos you’ve sent

Tech tip: How to quickly find and search photos you’ve sent

How to quickly find and search photos.You received a mail from a buddy with the name of a fantastic hotel in Palm Springs, but you can’t find it. Go ahead and search your texts. For advice on how to quickly locate any message, tap or click here.

The same applies to your photo album. Try searching for “sunset,” “Hawaii,” “dog,” or anything else you wish to see rather than continuously scrolling. For expert tips to quickly find any image, tap or click here.

On top of that, there are the quickly find pictures and movies you share on your smartphone. Here is a guide on how to locate and search your shared media.

See a record of what you’ve sent and received

What we do online, for better or worse, leaves digital traces. You may quickly look through the pictures and videos you’ve shared with a group or contract, as well as the ones they’ve given you. Here’s how to use an iPhone:

Enable Messages.
To access a contact’s/name group’s or profile picture, first tap on a chat.
To view your shared pictures and videos, scroll down to the Photos section and select “See All.”
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Use an Android phone? the steps below to view all of your shared social media

Launch the messaging app.
The top search box should be touched. choose pictures or movies.
You can look through all the pictures and videos that have been sent to you or that you have shared in text messages from this page.

Have you misplaced a crucial text? This is how to restore it to your iPhone. Prepare a backup of your mails before that occurs. For quick solutions to complete the task, tap or click.

Finding material in unofficial messaging services
Here’s how to find shared material on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp now that you know how to do it on the built-in chat apps on your phone.

View the images and videos that you shared over Facebook Messenger:
Fb Messenger should be opened.
To access a contact’s/name group’s or profile picture, first tap on a chat.
To see shared images and videos, select View media, files & links from the More actions menu.
Despite having a search feature, Facebook Messenger doesn’t let you use it to find shared media.

If you’re browsing Facebook, you might as well take precautions. Facebook and Google accounts are targeted by hackers. Now perform a quick check on yours.

View WhatsApp-shared images and videos:

Avail of WhatsApp

Tap on a chat, then select the person or group.

To view the shared images and videos, choose Media, Links, and Docs.

Tap Group media to start a group chat.

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