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The 8 Best Wireless Car Chargers for 2023

A wireless charger can assist keep your phone charged and ready to go whether you’re driving large distances or just around the block.

Among the many ways individuals use mobile phones in cars are for navigation, music listening, and phone calls. However, those actions can leave you stranded with a dead battery. A cable charger is a terrific method to keep your phone charged, but if you need to use your phone hands-free, it might be problematic. Fortunately, the majority of wireless chargers let you mount your phone while they charge it, giving you hands-free access to check your navigation or adjust the music. The latest smartphones can stay charged throughout those lengthy road trips thanks to wireless charging technologies. Use one of the following if you have the most recent iPhone 14, or the Samsung Galaxy S22 the best wireless vehicle chargers available for your upcoming road trip.

There are still wires required even with wireless charging; you must connect the charger to your car. But once it’s set up, all you have to do to recharge your phone is to just pop it in and out. Check out our roundup of some of the top alternatives below if you’re seeking to add one of these useful phone charging mounts to your vehicle.

It should be noted that every wireless charger in our buyer’s guide is compatible with any smartphone that supports wireless charging, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and other Qi-enabled devices. And if you’re loyal to your phone case, you may keep it on and still charge your phone as long as it isn’t excessively thick. The majority of these chargers even function as adjustable-arm phone holders.

We update this list periodically when new wireless charging technology comes to market.

iota Auto Sense Wireless Car Charger

One of the best available wireless car chargers with a phone mount is the “autosense” model from iota. Despite being pretty expensive, we’ve recently seen some excellent reductions on it. Available versions of the Auto Sense Automatic Clamping Qi Charging Car Phone Mount include a CD and vent clip and a dashboard mount (I tried the dashboard wireless charging mount). This wireless car charger mount includes a powerful suction cup, a neatly constructed telescopic arm, and the wireless charging mount feature is appropriate for the majority of phone covers. Fast wireless charging is available at 7.5 watts for iPhones and 10 watts for Android devices.

A USB cigarette lighter adapter with dual charging is included with this Qi wireless charger. My only complaint, which is a minor one, is that the supplied cable is Micro-USB rather than USB Type-C. However, if the cable is unplugged accidently (which does happen), it’s simpler to plug in a USB-C cable for phone charging, especially when you’re driving. Once this Qi charger is plugged into the wireless car charging mount, you can essentially forget about it.

Upgraded Zee Hoe’s Wireless Car Charger

When it comes to phone charging capabilities, Zee Hoe’s wireless car charger provides the majority of what you’re looking for, including auto clamping, a reliable suction cup that can be mounted to your car’s dashboard, windscreen, or air vent. For Android phones that enable it, it has USB-C and can provide up to 15 watts of fast charging (iPhones are capped at 7.5-watt charging). This improved model is $20 less expensive than the iota above and has a sleeker design than the original (see below). Only a USB-C cable is included with this wireless charger; no cigarette lighter converter is included.

The original model I tried performed well overall, connecting firmly to my car vent mount and providing my smartphone or QI-enabled device with a speedy charge. It is one of the more common generic wireless car mount chargers with an autosensing telescopic arm. It was convenient that the wireless vehicle charger had both a phone mount and an air-vent mount for my car. If you only want the air-vent mount, there is a $30 air-vent alone version available.

Note that to get fast charging, you will need a power adapter that supports it (not included).

Zee Hoe’s Wireless Car Charger

At roughly $30, Zee Hoe’s original wireless car charger with auto clamping is still a terrific value. The greatest difference between the improved version and the previous one, other from some cosmetic changes, is that this one supports up to 10-watt fast charging for Android phones as opposed to 15-watt fast charging (iPhones are capped at 7.5-watt charging for both chargers). Like the upgraded model, this wireless charger does not include a cigarette lighter converter; instead, it only comes with a USB-C cable. Additionally, a power adapter that enables rapid charging is required to use this wireless charger (not included).

Mo phi Snap Plus 15W Wireless Charging Vent Mount

The magnetic Snap Plus 15W Wireless Charging Vent Mount from Mo phi has a built-in USB-C connection (the charging puck is removable from the mount but the cable is integrated into the puck). Additionally, it includes a cigarette lighter converter and a magnetic ring that can be attached to the rear of phones, even Android devices, that don’t support Mag Safe. My iPhone 12 Pro worked fine with the mount when I tried it with a Mag Safe charger case attached to the device. However, given that the magnet isn’t particularly powerful, I wouldn’t advise using it with heavier phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Overall though, it’s a stylishly made item.

It can wirelessly charge Android models at up to 15-watt speeds, but with iPhones wireless charging tops out at 7.5 watts.

Spiga Mag Fit Phone Holder Car Mount

This Spiga mounting device is a fantastic choice for putting Apple’s Mag Safe wireless charging puck into your automobile if you already own one. The Mag Safe wireless charger isn’t included, as I previously stated. A USB-C cigarette lighter adaptor is not either. But at $20, this magnetic mounting accessory is reasonably priced.

To receive the fastest 15-watt charging speeds, be sure to purchase the proper cigarette lighter adapter. Additionally, because the wireless charging puck’s magnets are what keep your phone attached to it (a Mag Safe case is required if you are using a case), it isn’t advised to use this with the heavier iPhone 13 Max Pro because its size makes it more likely to fall off the mount, especially if you encounter a bump.

Aimone Mini Fast USB Car Charger

Okay, so it’s true that this isn’t a wireless charger, but many of the wireless car chargers on this list lack a cigarette-lighter power adaptor, so I figured I’d include it at the end of the list. This low-profile Aimone tiny fast USB car charger offers even faster charging (up to 24 watts) and is less expensive than the Aukey power adapter that was initially on the list. While it features both USB-C and USB-A ports so you may charge two devices simultaneously, charging just one device will provide you 15-watt wireless charging.

Note that to get the fastest wired charging for iPhones, you’ll need to use a USB-C to Lightning cable. That cable is not included.

You will either need a case with some metal integrated into it, like the one I have, or you can attach one of the thin stick-on metal plates that are provided to the back of your phone (put it toward the bottom so it doesn’t interfere with the wireless charging circuitry in the middle of it). Even your phone case will fit over the plate, but make sure it isn’t too thick otherwise your phone won’t stay attached to the charging mount.

The dual USB car charger that comes with the iota I Tap 2 magnetic wireless vehicle charger mount features an additional USB connection for charging a second device. As opposed to USB-C, which does not support fast charging, the accompanying cable is Micro-USB. The iPhone 11 Pro I used to test it kept securely attached to the charger, but it would definitely be preferable to use one of the wireless chargers mentioned above for larger phones.

Zeal Sound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock

The Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock from Zeal Sound may not be the most stylish wireless charging option, but it can be installed anywhere and has a sticky bottom and guard rails to prevent your phone from falling off the pad when you suddenly brake, accelerate, or make a fast turn. It provides charging for compatible Android phones of up to 10 watts. It charges iPhones at 7.5 watts. Included is a cigarette-lighter power adaptor.