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This simple Android location setting saves your privacy

This simple Android location setting saves your privacy

This simple Android location setting saves your privacy,The need for privacy is greater than ever. Access to your information may have consequences for your personal safety in addition to fraud and identity theft threats.

Your phone doesn’t always need to know your precise position. If you don’t use a tool like Google Maps, it doesn’t need to know where you are.

Fortunately, you may regain some privacy on your Android phone thanks to one setting. For an easy method to reduce location monitoring, continue reading.

Look up the apps that use your phone’s location

Swipe down starting at the top of your home screen.

Tap the Location setting, then hold it. If this isn’t immediately apparent in your Quick Settings menu, click the Settings cog or pencil icon and then drag Location there.
Tap on App location permissions under the Location menu.
Pick an app. From here, you have a selection of Allow at all times, Permit just when using the app, Permit only when you ask, and Don’t permit.
Alternatively, if an app is permitted to utilise your location, you might see the headlines above. To find out which apps have that permission enabled, tap those.Each permission has the following meaning.

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Apps that can access your location at all times should be allowed.
Apps that utilise your location when they are open and active should only be permitted.
Always enquire: applications that require your permission each time before using your location.
Apps that can’t use the location of your phone in any way are prohibited.
By tapping the app icon and selecting your preferred location access, you can modify an app’s permissions. Every app requires that this be done individually.

What we recommend

Your location function is useful in a variety of circumstances. Not every app needs to have it blocked. You should choose which apps to give location access to carefully.

This is what we recommend:

As a default setting, disable location access for all apps.
Set up each app so that it always requests your permission to access your location before launching. This is a simple Android location setting.
Allow full access only while using a navigation software like Google Maps.
We have one more trick up our sleeves that will allow you to continue using location-based services without putting your safety at danger or using precise data.

Set your location to approximate for improved personal safety:

Follow these instructions for apps that you knowingly give access to location data to increase privacy without sacrificing location-based features.

To modify location settings in an app, tap and hold the icon.
When it appears, select App info.
Select More from the Permissions menu, then choose All Permissions. Location might also be displayed on this screen.
The four location options we went through before are available on the Location screen.
Find the switch marked “Use precise location.” Turn this off to prevent others from getting access to real-time location data.