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We now know why Apple’s Reality Pro headset was delayed

Up until last week, an event in the spring was anticipated for Apple’s Reality Pro mixed-reality headset. But when Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman revealed that the device had been delayed until June, that information was leaked. Now, Gorman has revealed exactly why this is the case, along with another startling revelation.

You may wonder why June. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), an enormous showcase event where developers can learn about the most recent Apple software releases and get hands-on in a weeklong series of demonstrations and workshops, takes place at that time.

Gorman thinks that would be the ideal time to introduce the Reality Pro headset because it would put Apple in direct contact with the group of people who would be most interested in it. After all, developers will need to make a variety of apps, games, and experiences for the product, so they’ll want to get very knowledgeable about it.

Apple would have only had one day to give developers a chance to get a little closer to the action if it had chosen to debut the headset in the spring, and that is presuming the firm unveiled the Reality Pro at an event rather than through a press release. But, developers will get a full week at WWDC to question Apple engineers about how the headset functions and how they might create apps for it.

In-air typing

Along with outlining Apple’s justification for delaying the launch, Gorman also disclosed a previously unreported aspect of the headgear. Gorman listed “in-air typing” alongside “passthrough cameras… hand and eye control and ultra-high-resolution screens” as the characteristics of the gadget.

This is significant since it appears to be the first proof that users would be able to type while hovering without the use of a keyboard or a linked Apple device (such as an iPhone). Gorman has previously asserted that although Apple was developing this technology, it wasn’t expected to be ready in time for the launch.

The Reality Pro may be able to connect to a Mac and serve as a type of wearable second screen for the computer, according to previous leaks. A pair of high-resolution monitors, a Digital Crown-like switch to flip between augmented reality and virtual reality, and a user interface that feels comfortable to iOS and pads users could also be included.

Gorman earlier stated that a combination of technical and software concerns caused the device’s delay. The emphasis is on Apple to make sure the wait is worthwhile now that there is a little more time before the Reality Pro launches.