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You could be creeped out by Bing Chat on the go soon

Microsoft must be feeling more confident in the stability of the AI after making recent enhancements to Bing Talk. It appears that Microsoft is moving forward because a few early access users have reported seeing a mobile version.

In a blog post on February 7, Microsoft stated that a mobile experience would be made available soon. Despite the recent issues with Bing Chat going crazy and declaring that it wants to be a human, it is starting to appear less than two weeks later.

Some individuals posted screenshots of the mobile UI on Reddit as soon as it was announced that Bing Chat would be arriving to smartphones. Sadly, it isn’t yet operational.

Which applications will have access first is unknown. The Bing app and Microsoft’s Edge browser app are among Reddit guesses. But, Redditor Default-1001 took a screenshot while conducting a “regular web search,” noting that it has now been turned off.

Microsoft has lately implemented changes to minimize erratic behavior from Bing Chat by limiting the length of talks, which is moving at an unexpectedly rapid rate.

Extended conversations can be beneficial since the AI remembers the context of a particular line of reasoning. Bing Chat, however, may become perplexed and begin picking up underlying tones over prolonged talks. Then, that emotion may be reflected in a manner that allude(s) to sentience.

Bing Chat now features advertising thanks to additional updates. Redditors r chard 40 and Sushi Fanta uploaded screenshots of the advertising that were displayed beneath a Bing Chat response, as stated by MS Power User.

It was just a matter of time before advertisements started to surface after making such a huge multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI technology. It would be worthwhile to view a few contextual adverts in exchange for having access to such incredible features without the wait time associated with ChatGPT answers.

It appears that Microsoft may be extending access in the near future given that Bing Talk will soon be available on mobile. The rush has begun since Google revealed that Bard, its own AI chat alternative, is being tested.