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You Should Blur Your Home on Google Maps. Here’s Why

By obscuring your residence on Google Maps, you may protect your privacy.

If you’ve ever used Google Maps’ Street View feature, you know that you can enter practically any address to get a recent image of that site, whether it be a store, office, park, or home. Street View makes it simpler for stalkers or criminals to plan their way inside your home, but it’s great for knowing what building or landmark to look for when you arrive, in case the entrance is tricky to find or you want to know where to park.

Anyone with access to Street View has a free pass to look at your house online; they could want to check for cameras or even hunt for a side window they can break open. Of course, anyone can physically visit your home and perform this action, but Google Maps makes it much easier. It is accessible to everyone with a phone or computer.

Fortunately, there is a simple technique to blur your house on Google Maps so that people won’t be able to see too much information about where you reside. This is the procedure.

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How to blur your home on Google Maps

The blurring option isn’t available in the Google Maps app for iOS or Android, and while it is accessible through the web browser on your mobile device, it is fairly difficult to use, so use a reputable web browser on your Mac or PC instead. You’ll need to accomplish this on your computer.

Enter your home address into the top-right search bar on, press return, and then click the image of your house that appears.

The Street View of your location will then appear. To report a problem, click the bottom-right button. Despite how little it is, the writing is present.

You can now select what you want Google to blur. Use your mouse to change the image’s view so that the red and black box contains only your house and any other objects you want to make blurry. To move around and zoom in and out, use the plus and minus buttons, accordingly.

Choose what you want to blur underneath the image once you’re done tweaking it:

  • A face
  • Your home
  • Your car/license plate
  • A different object

If the image is busy with multiple automobiles, people, and other items, you may be asked for a little more information about what you specifically want blurred.

Also, double check that the item you choose is exactly what you want blurred. According to Google, once something is blurred on Street View, it remains blurred indefinitely.

Last but not least, enter your email (which is necessary), validate the captcha (if necessary), and click Submit.

Once Google has reviewed your report, it should send you an email letting you know whether or not your request was granted. Google can send you more emails requesting more details about your request. Keep an eye out for any additional emails because Google doesn’t specify how long it will take to process your request.