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Are you making this huge Wi-Fi mistake

Are you making this huge Wi-Fi mistake

You spend a lot of money on your wifi internet subscription, so I can appreciate how annoying a sluggish connection may be. Breaking news: Your ISP isn’t always to blame. Here are some typical Wi-Fi errors.

Having company over? They’ll need access to your Wi-Fi, but continuously sharing your login information is annoying. Become tech-savvy. You may instantly sign guests into your home network by posting a QR code across your property.

Now, if a hacker gains access to your home network, they may access your personal data. Should your home Wi-Fi network be configured to private or public? You may be surprised at the solution.

It’s not what you think

The most secure option for your home WiFi network should be private, right? Actually, you’re wrong. But don’t be misled by the clumsy wording.

Your PC is invisible to other devices connected to the same network while you are on your home network and have set it up as private on your computer. Therefore, in this instance, public Wi-Fi is more secure than private Wi-Fi. It’s true what you just read!

You must have your network set to private if you wish to transfer files or documents to a member of your family who uses the same network as you or to your personal printer at home.

Your printer will detect and connect to your computer when the network is set to private in order to receive the files you wish to print. So simple as mud, right?

To be clear, let me to restate:Use the private network setting only for networks that you manage or are confident in. Your PC is discoverable to other network devices when a network is configured to private. It may be used to share files and printers.
Connect to public networks with this, such the Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel. Other network devices won’t be able to see your PC.
Did you aware that hackers may access your printer and cause mayhem? Here are five strategies for securing your printer.


How to change your network from public to private

Set your network to private if you need to exchange files, print, or do anything else that requires your devices to be discoverable by one another.

You can proceed by using your PC after you complete these steps:

Right-click the Wi-Fi network icon in the taskbar’s upper-right corner.
To open network and internet settings, choose.
Select Properties after locating your Wi-Fi network.
network profile, then.
Select PrivatChange back to the Public option whenever you wish to increase security. Simply follow the directions above, but instead of choosing Private at the very end, choose Public.

This only applies to your home network, please note. For each network you connect to, you are given the option of choosing Public, Private, or Work. For that network profile, this option is preserved.The location of your router is crucial. Here is a placement recommendation for your router to get the fastest speeds.The wifi internet is a hazardous environment. I can assist you avoid scams and hackers. Subscribe to my daily tech email for free.

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