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camera brand is missing a key privacy feature

This brand is missing a key privacy feature

You should instal a video camera doorbell at your house for a variety of reasons. The most important advantage for many is being able to see who is approaching the front door. For a useful product that addresses the main issue with the Ring doorbell, tap or click.

Others like using full-featured security cameras. They can monitor the pets and observe what happens while they aren’t home thanks to this. A camera, though, is only as good as the technology powering it.

Continue reading to see why this well-known company has to remedy its obvious security flaws and turn the camera on itself.


Here’s the backstory

Anker’s Eufy security cameras are a well-liked option. But its cameras have a serious issue. The business has acknowledged keeping connections to photographs and videos in the cloud without consumers’ consent.

And worse. The end-to-end encryption of such pictures and movies was never complete. Yikes! That implies that burglars or anybody else who discovers the URL of the video might observe anything in your house.

Only the camera’s owner may view the images it recorded thanks to end-to-end encryption. In essence, the network connection between the owner and the camera is encrypted, preventing hackers from accessing the stored data or penetrating the pictures.

Researchers in security discovered that Eufy uploaded camera footage to the cloud even though the owners lacked a cloud subscription. Even worse, if they knew (or properly estimated) the URL, anybody with a VLC video player could view broadcasts from these cameras.

More reliable home security

It is difficult to trust a firm again when it violates its clients in this way. For many people, it is unacceptable to leave their security camera footage unprotected. What’s worse is that Anker knew there was a problem for a time but didn’t inform customers until late December.

But now that everything is out, Anker acknowledged that the video feeds were not encrypted and that all future Eufy cameras will instead utilise WebRTC, which is encrypted by default.

“We are now implementing WebRTC across the board for Eufy Security products. When utilising the Web portal to watch live feeds in a browser, Homebase3 and eufyCam3/3C devices released in October 2022 (already) employ WebRTC for end-to-end encrypted communication, according to Anker, who spoke to The Verge.

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