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Hidden trick will make it easier to use your Android phone

Hidden trick will make it easier to use your Android phone

Hidden trick will make it easier to use your Android phone,Gestures are still king when it comes to using an Android device. By using these straightforward instructions, you can manage your OS and complete more tasks faster.

There are several things that all of our best Android hacks have in common. We adore easy motions that let us reach our destinations quickly or switch between apps or utilities. Click or tap here for more of our top Android advice.Here are our top five gestures, which you can utilise on any modern Android smartphone. NOTE: Only Android 10 and above is compatible with some of these processes.

1. Swipe either way

The back gesture on Android is often made from left to right. Power users are aware that the identical swipe may also be performed from right to left.

It is one of the easiest swipes we are aware of because of this comparison. Either option yields the exact same command. Perfect for those of us who are southpaws or for anyone looking to swipe and move on.

2. Swipe into Overview

With an one easy action, you may browse all of your recently used applications in Overview. You can effortlessly move between any of them from this point.

Swipe up from the bottom of your Android display to launch Overview. You should then see a directory of all the apps that are currently installed on your smartphone. It’s as simple as tapping into what you need to switch between programmes.

3. Get home from Overview

You will be automatically taken to the home screen rather than another app if you press the empty space outside of any app’s card.

This may make navigating an Android device simple, especially if you use it for business.

4. Swipe between apps

The navigation bar on an Android screen typically takes up the bottom third of the screen. You may navigate between the applications in your app queue by swiping along this bar in either way.

When we’re scrolling through applications after work, in bed, after taking a shower, we adore this Android trick. The simplest approach to quickly fill up without spending time manually typing into apps is to do it this manner.

5. Open your most recent app

The quickest method to launch the most recent app you used is to swipe right against your bottom bar. You may use this straightforward Android gesture to rapidly transition to your next task or activity whether you’re at your home screen or another app.

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