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Home security 101: Where to put cameras

Where to put cameras

The location of cameras is crucial for home security. Because tech devices might be picky, where they are located can be important. Here are some examples of the ideal locations for your router to improve internet speeds.

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to installing security cameras. Your security system may not function properly if you don’t think carefully about where to position inside and outdoor cameras. Setting up cameras in certain locations so they may best catch robbers requires a director’s vision.

You might be able to deter intruders by mounting a camera high in the room and directing it at the rear door. However, mounting a camera on a low table behind a house plant would result in unclear or ineffective video for use in a police inquiry. Save this page as a bookmark to help you remember where to instal your home security cameras if you want to get the most out of your security system.

1. Doors and windows on the ground floor

Undoubtedly, some thieves are physically fit enough to pull a Spider-Man and enter through the second floor. But let’s face it, most folks just want to get in quickly. They intend to enter your home through the bottom level, just as you do.You should thus put cameras on your ground-level doorways. Install cameras both indoors and outside. This way, you can clearly see their face as they approach your front door and keep an eye on everything they do inside.

Also, don’t overlook the side entrances. You could believe that no one will skulk through your bushes or sneak into your backyard to access the sides of your house. Never underestimate a burglar’s tenacity!

2. Place them high up

You’ll see this advise frequently while researching where to put home security cameras. That is due to the fact that location is extremely important.For instance, placing a camera on the ground is never a good idea. If you know what I mean, your dog may shower it and it doesn’t record footage that would aid in catching a thief with cameras .

Cameras should be placed at a high position. Your camera will be able to capture the entire scene thanks to this positioning. A burglar’s full body is more likely to be visible on cameras eight to ten feet above the ground, which can assist authorities reduce the number of potential suspects.Your security cameras can cover the most area this way. They can see everything in the room, giving you a comprehensive image of everything that is happening in your house. Additionally, positioning security cameras high up makes it more difficult for thieves to tamper with cameras.

3. Set up your camera in the corner of the room

In the previous phase, you discovered how crucial it is to offer your security cameras a high view position. That’s not all, though. They should be placed in a corner of the room so they can see everything that is going on.

Speaking of camera setup, you might want to cover your cameras with some house decorations to deter robbers from stealing it and fleeing with the footage.

The best way to secure your home

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