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Patch your Windows PC now to fix 3 zero-day exploits

Patch your Windows PC now to fix 3 zero-day exploits

It’s a wonderful idea to keep your operating system updated to deter hackers. Patches that close vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit are present in many Windows upgrades. This is also true of the most recent Windows update, which patches three extremely serious zero-day issues.

Learn more about the most current Microsoft update and how to get it by reading on.

Here’s the backstory

Microsoft has just released a significant Windows update in time for February’s Patch Tuesday.

Three zero-day exploits and 74 other issues are fixed by the security update. A vulnerability that hackers are aware of and actively attack is called a zero-day exploit. Nine of the faults have a critical rating.

Nucleus Security lists CVE-2023-23529, a WebKit Remote Code Execution bug, as one important problem.

In a blog post, Nucleus notes that in order to take advantage of the vulnerability, which has the potential to result in local code execution, an attacker would need to persuade a victim to visit a malicious application from a susceptible device.

In total, the critical Windows update fixes:

  • 12 Elevation of Privilege flaws.
  • Two Security Feature Bypass flaws.
  • 38 Remote Code Execution flaws.
  • Eight Information Disclosure flaws.
  • 10 Denial of Service flaws.
  • Eight Spoofing flaws.

How to update Windows 10 and Windows 11

It is imperative that you constantly check your operating system to see if any updates are available. Set Windows pc  to download updates automatically for the greatest protection possible.

This is a guide on how to manually upgrade Windows 10 if you don’t utilise that setting:

To access Windows Update, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.
Choose Check for updates after that. Choose Download and install now if an update is available.
Even though this update is particularly for Windows 10, your Windows 11 PC may not have received all the updates.

How to upgrade Windows 11 is as follows:

Check for updates by going to Start > Settings > Windows Update.
Choose Download and install now if an update is available.
Remember to save any work or open documents before updating as some changes call for a restart.

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