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How to win Fortnite

Since its release, Fortnight has attracted hundreds of millions of players, making it one of the most played video games ever. After investing several hours in the shooter, many gamers have yet to experience that oh-so-satisfying Victory Royale. Yet, we’re here to offer advanced strategies that will prepare you for the match’s endgame.

This book is not meant for novices. These advanced strategies are intended for players who are familiar with how to swiftly locate chests, distinguish between the game’s weaponry, and construct a basic fort to defend themselves. Go through our Fortnight beginner’s guide first if you’re a new player. Check out our more advanced advice below if you are familiar with how each match unfolds.

Here’s how to win in Fortnight.

Tips and tricks

Turn on visualize sound effects

Go to Settings in Fortnight and find the Audio area before you even start a game. You can choose to visualize sound effects here. By turning it on, you’ll receive visual alerts for a variety of sounds, such as enemy footsteps and chests. This will offer you a significant advantage because you’ll always know exactly where the enemies in your immediate area are. Knowing where chests are also helps because having a strong loadout can help you win.

Pick a suitable landing spot

Your landing place can affect how a match turns out. Landing in a popular area as a novice will probably result in an early removal. Similarly, arriving somewhere with no treasure can render you unprepared for a match’s opening stages.

Check out our specialized guide for more information on the finest landing sites.

Have a varied loadout

Gunfights take place in Fortnight at various ranges, including up close, midrange, and far away. Because of this, it’s best to have weapons that are effective in all circumstances. We advise using a shotgun or handgun for close quarters combat, SMGs and assault rifles for mid-range combat, and a sniper or DMR for long-range combat. You will be able to compete regardless of the circumstance if you have a diverse loadout. Thus, it’s crucial to begin every gunfight with maximum health and shields, if at all feasible.

Pay attention to enemy gunfire

A compass that shows the direction of enemy firing may be seen at the top of the screen. Use this in conjunction with Visualize Sound Effects to get a sense of where your opponents are since it is indicated by a red dot.

Be aware of the storm’s position

It’s crucial to avoid developing tunnel vision while playing. If you become preoccupied, the storm will swiftly engulf you and cause your early elimination. Instead, keep an eye on the timer located beneath the minima to ensure you are aware of when the storm will move. To avoid getting caught, be careful to check the map itself to see where the next circle is.

Practice building in Creative Mode

Fortnight’s normal Battle Royale mode heavily emphasizes building, but it’s a hugely complicated mechanic that can be intimidating to grasp. Instead of attempting to learn in a real-world competitive environment, join a Creative match and practice creating swiftly. Your objective should be to quickly learn how to build a wall around yourself, which will be useful when an adversary fires at you while you’re in plain sight.

Play with (or watch) experts

Playing with seasoned players is the best method to advance. You can learn tiny tactics that you might not otherwise pick up on, which has huge advantages. To employ them yourself, be sure to pay attention to the callouts, weaponry, and small methods that experienced players use. It might also be helpful to watch well-known YouTubers or streams if you don’t have experts to play with. Both learning from others’ mistakes and your own are beneficial.

Don’t shoot unless you know you’ll win the gunfight

It’s natural to want to start shooting at any enemies you come across, but frequently, just seeing an adversary isn’t enough to guarantee their defeat. We advise against firing until you are very certain that you will knock the attacker down because they might be hiding behind cover or be skilled at dodging. Premature firing can alert your adversaries, giving them time to get ready. The ideal strategy is to pursue your adversary until you have a clear shot, checking that there is little to no cover nearby before firing.

How to win Fortnight Solo

Battle Royale solo play is different from teaming up with buddies to fight. You won’t have teammates to watch your back when playing Solo, so you’ll need to be much more thoughtful in your decision-making as you try to survive. This also implies that, compared to team-based modes, you can encounter more gunfights overall even though you’re initially less likely to encounter numerous enemies at once.

Here are some tips to help you survive when playing Solo:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Play it slowly and don’t be afraid to hide
  • Assume there’s an enemy at each POI you visit
  • Pay attention to how many players are left
  • Vehicles are invaluable
  • Pick your battles

How to win Fortnight Duos, Trios, or Squads

On the other side, team-based games play very differently. The pace of a game can be significantly impacted by your squamates, enabling you to win more gunfights even when you are put in challenging circumstances. You can get out of tight situations more frequently when you have other players watching your back, especially if you communicate well.

Here are some tips to help you survive when playing with friends:

  • Communication is key
  • Stick with your team
  • Use short, yet effective callouts (such as “on me” to tell your team there’s an enemy close to you)
  • Don’t leave your back exposed
  • Share supplies if needed
  • Don’t quit if you’re eliminated

How to win Fortnight Zero Build

The biggest difference between Zero Build modes and ordinary Fortnight is that you can’t fast construct a fort to hide behind, thus your gun proficiency needs to be top-notch. It’s a two-edged sword since your adversaries are in the same situation as you. In some respects, this makes life simpler because you don’t have to learn how to erect barriers around yourself. You can move around more and spend less time hunting for supplies, which should help you live longer.

These are some tips for surviving in Zero Build mode:

  • Be aware of the next piece of cover
  • Accurate aim is far more important
  • Use fast healing items when possible

You’ll want to spend as little time in the open as you can because there are fewer cover points in Zero Build mode. Moreover, being exposed with nothing to cover behind