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Read Before You Try To Score On Facebook Marketplace


You may now easily purchase items from other users on some social networking platforms. One of the most well-liked is Facebook Marketplace. The issue is that there are many con artists there.

Read on to learn about five frauds you should be aware of before making a purchase on Facebook Marketplace.

The risks of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace has developed into a media behemoth over the years, interested in virtually every part of our lives, including the things we buy and sell.

In 2016, Facebook Marketplace was introduced, enabling local buying and selling. Although it may have started out with the best of intentions, it didn’t take long for scammers to see the potential of the online market.

EST, a cyber security organisation, estimates that one in six users had fallen victim to fraud on the network. Even worse, there are a variety of scams to watch out for.

Here are five ways fraudsters on Facebook Marketplace will attempt to defraud you.

1. Communication off Facebook

One sign that you might be the victim of a scam is when the fraudster tries to move the payment or contact mechanism off of Facebook. This is risky because, if something goes wrong, there won’t be a record of the communications on Facebook with marketplace.

Moreover, con artists may request that you pay using anonymous tools like gift cards or bitcoins. A merchant that requests gift cards as payment should raise an immediate alarm for you.

2. Mailing items first

This con is become more widespread. Prior to mailing the item, sellers will request payment, but they frequently never follow through. You are left with no delivered item, no money, and very nothing you can do to change it.

To exchange cash for the item, it may be wise to meet the vendor in a public area. Actually, one of Facebook Marketplace’s main selling points is that local sellers may be found there. Why ship something when you live nearby?

But when meeting someone you met online, be cautious to use caution. Always meet in the open, in a place where people may see a face book a marketplace  Bring a friend or relative with you if you can so you have a backup in case something goes wrong at the meeting.

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